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Originally Posted by SeaBass View Post
Riding my DR350, I sometimes feel as if as if i'm intruding on nature, always worried about running into land owners, the po-po, etc. It just adds stress. NY is not very hospitable to dual sport riders.
On the mountainbike, I feel more at one with nature. The stealth quality is nice. Night riding is a blast! My 29er SS just rolls quietly along.
With my 3 little ones, including an 8 mo old, time constraints are always a factor as well. I can prepare and do an epic mtb ride and get home in 4 hrs. With the DR, it's an all day affair - packing, loading, fueling, unloading, riding til we're completely shot, reloading, unpacking, washing the bike. Granted, I still love those days but it gets harder to find the time due to familial obligations. I also get a real sense of accomplishment when I can clear obstacles and hills on the MTB that previously gave me a lot of trouble.
Ya learn to pick better lines on the DR too. Since you don't have nearly the power, suspension or tires the MC has, you hafta learn where to put yer wheels so you don't lose traction.

...and for those of us in our *ahem* middle age, it keeps the roll round the middle down some.

I'm a cyclist that rides motos, not a moto rider that rides bicycles.
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