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DR350 Noob questions

Iím going through a 99 DR350SE that I picked up used last month and I have a couple carburetor questions.

First off it is usual for one of these bike to start without any choke? I was around 55 degrees in my garage today when I fired up the bike and to my surprise it took right off without much cranking or any choke. It started almost like an injected bike. I checked the plug when I first got the bike and it was pretty black, but not oil fouled. It cleaned right up with a few passes of a nylon brush. Are these 2 indications that itís running richer than it should be? I havenít had a chance to get out and run though a tank yet so I have no idea what sort of mileage Iím getting.

I have yet to pull the carb to inspect the jetting, but I have noticed that the fuel screw plug has been removed. What should the stock jetting be? Iím interested in getting an extended fuel screw, but will it fit on an E-start bike? It seems that thereís barely room to get my finger between the starter and carb.

So far the bike is totally stock with an unmodified airbox. Since Iím new to the dirt side of things I plan on keeping it this way for at least this season.

Lastly I want to know how the engine should sound while idling. The little bit that Iíve ridden the bike it seems to ride just fine, but the idle has an occasional loud knock to it. Iíve tried isolating the clutch by squeezing the lever, but it doesnít seem to make a difference. Iím going to check the cam chain tensioner tomorrow and make sure itís not cam chain noise, but itís not that consistent of a knock. Maybe once every second or so. Maybe this is completely normal sound for these bikes, but I have no point of reference.

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