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Originally Posted by HickOnACrick View Post
I had to put the orange away for a tennis elbow has become so bad I may need surgery. But don't worry Ryman, Baja takes priority!
That sucks.

I had about 18 months of pretty bad ulnar groove neuropathy that was much worse from mtn biking, and less so from moto. I quit riding bikes, rode motos less, slept with my arm straight, and presto......gone. But for whatever reason, the position on my mtn bike really irritates it.

I had tennis elbow pretty bad this spring and summer as well. It was really painful and almost impossible for me to pull the clutch in on the moto after a long day of riding. That too went away with rest this fall.

I had to hang my arm and try to relax it as much as possible during rides. That helped during the ride. That, and of course, enough NSAIDS to keep me happy.
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