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Originally Posted by trackhead View Post
That sucks.

I had about 18 months of pretty bad ulnar groove neuropathy that was much worse from mtn biking, and less so from moto. I quit riding bikes, rode motos less, slept with my arm straight, and presto......gone. But for whatever reason, the position on my mtn bike really irritates it.

I had tennis elbow pretty bad this spring and summer as well. It was really painful and almost impossible for me to pull the clutch in on the moto after a long day of riding. That too went away with rest this fall.

I had to hang my arm and try to relax it as much as possible during rides. That helped during the ride. That, and of course, enough NSAIDS to keep me happy.
Mine started flaring up after 3 years of kayaking. It chilled out until I started riding whoops on the Super Enduro - trying to suss out the suspension. That was almost one year ago. It's been injected twice, and I have rested, iced, NSAIDs, braced it. I have only ridden the small moto three days because singletrack on the 300 really irritates it. Mtn biking isn't too bad, but there isn't too much to climb out here.

After swinging a hammer and using a hand drill for a couple of days last month, I was pretty much debilitated. I can no longer do handwritten notes at work because of the pain (yeah, my mangina hurts too).

And to top it off, all the provocative photos you bastiges post on here doesn't help with the repetitive-motion-injuries either.

Back to the orthopod tomorrow for more steroids, lidocaine, and discuss surgery.

Tennis elbow is such a benign, faggy, term for a condition that makes me cringe every time I even have to shake someone's hand. They should call it "justcutmyfreakingarmoffalready-itis". Stupid freaking doctors.
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