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Originally Posted by BMWJustin View Post
Ive had the itch to go offroad riding. I used to ride trails a lot a few years ago. I love my MM, but I cant quite afford another bike so Ive been thinking of selling mine to get a HP2E . I want to keep it simple with shaft drive and good performance.

What do you guys think??? Am I nuts?
I have both the MM and the HP2 Enduro.

If i could only have one...................iŽll keep the Enduro, because is more versatile, on mountain roads if you are not in "attack" mode, you can enjoy the enduro as much as the MM, But..............if you like to "attack" twisties, the MM would do it much much very much better. It brakes a world better, suspenssions are road tuned, and tires are sport tires. Also the engine revs better than the E and it has 10CV plus. Obvioulsy the MM is fully street and road oriented bike.

The Enduro behaves good on mountain roads and twisties and the engine allows to accelerate a lot , too much for a bike wearing knobbies, but main limits are on braking , tires and suspenssions.............of a dual sport....

The Enduro obviously can be ridden on any terrain, including off road, the MM only on the easy stuff and paying attention.

I use the MM for commuting and any kind of street and road riding, i enjoy it specially on spring and summer, with warm temperatures and dry asphault that allows me to enjoy the whole potential of this bike, having fun doing it.

The HP2 enduro i use it only for ADV riding, Xploring off road, dual sport anyway. For the tight stufff i got a 530 and a XRR , so i do not need to punish the HP2 enduro.

I know there is not logic on my fleet, just passion, and a lot of riding.

Everything depends if you are more dirt or street oriented rider. And there are the choices MM or E.
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