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Originally Posted by flatboarder View Post
Not really. Many other 125ccm 4 stroke scooters are going considerable faster due to 14 or 15HP compared to 11,7 at the PCX. Topspeed is not a major argument for a PCX:

Well how fast do those other scoots go then? I have never seen a regular 125 cc 4 stroke scooter that can run past 65 MPH out of the box. HP is not everything when it comes to top speed. It is a factor. They say the PCX is good for an indicated 67 MPH which means in the low 60s actual. Most 125s I know of, such as the Zuma 125 and Agility are the same or lower. The Zuma is only good for around 55-60 MPH, and the Agility a similar actual speed.

Which stock 4 strokes are putting out 15 HP? That sounds a bit high. I mean most 250 scooters like the SYM RV250 are only putting out 20 HP, and that scoot will run 91 MPH indicated!

wanna bECO, yea thats kinda how I feel! You can buy a bike and sell it for about or more than what you paid for it! A new bike loses a ton of value the second you ride out of the dealer parking lot, and if you decide you aren't crazy about it well there goes a bunch of cash!

Yea Sportsters are a great price now! Even new ones can be had for under $10,000 for a 1200 and just over $6,000 for an 883! And have a look on Craigslist, and you can find either for $3,000-$5,000 easily! A lot of people buy big huge Harleys and find that a Sportster would have done them fine! A Sportster isn't real real comfortable stock, but you know it is not hard to set them up for touring. Get a big comfortable aftermarket seat with backrest, some big saddle bags, a windscreen, and a few other touches and you can tour just fine! Hell, I mean for us scooter tourists a Sportster is like a Goldwing! The 1200 will outrun most Harleys except the V-Rod off the line, and they are a little more fun in the twisties! I am actually getting a 1200 this year!
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