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Laugh Goodbye, HD. Hello fun!

Sold my 2001 Ultra Classic HD when my divorce deemed it necessary that I have some extra $$$.

After 2 years of struggling with my huge mortgage payment and since the economy tanked and I couldn't sell the house, I could stand it no longer.

How much could I afford to spend per month? Been riding for 41 years, can't go too long without a bike.

Saw an ad for NEW KLR 650's, (09), for $4899. E-mailed the shop for an out the door price. No response.

Next day, armed with a healthy down payment, I went to see the bikes up close. Bought a black one. Man, what a blast!! Riding has become fun again! No worries, just riding! Go anywhere, do anything. I love my KLR. My daughter named it ,"Big Daddy". Works for me.
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