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Originally Posted by word1 View Post discusses GM 0.9.0, but my attempts to download it result in getting the same version I already have.

Should I just wait for FF beta 10?


I have no idea. You're running beta software, which is, by nature, called "beta" for a reason. ;)

Originally Posted by monkeyfez View Post
any support for chrome? I'm just moving to it now and it's pretty nice. Fast and solid like FF used to be.

I'm still sorting if Greasemonkey will do it's thing on chrome but thought I'd ask just in case.
As I've said before, I do not intend to port this script to Chrome. The script is open source, so a Chrome user with programming-fu is more than welcome to take the lead.

Or, you could pay me. Because money is an excellent motivator, and my new DR200 needs farkles.
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