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Seat Concepts Group Buy!

By popular demand! Seat Concepts is starting a group buy, well actually 2.
A enthusiastic group of inmates who ride WR450's want seats for there bikes, so I suggested a group buy to accomplish 2 things, to verify there is a demand for the seat, and to help with the tooling costs (which are really high).
So then other guys began asking for a group buy on their bikes so the need arouse for a second group buy for them too.
So here goes. On the WR we are offering a 15% percent discount for 10 committed riders. Now keep in mind that the mold will not be started until the 10 spots are taken, so prod your buddy's and lets get this going.
For everyone else we are offering a 10% discount for the first 10, 15% for 15 and 20% if 20 guys sign up.
All riders will get free shipping within the continental US. Everyone else we will give a discounted rate.
Also we can not extend these offers to "Custom" builds. (IE tall or low seats on models that we do not offer a kit that already is tall or low , or models that are not listed in our model line up) These are handled on a per order basis.
I will add riders to each list as they confirm!
For the standard kit buy be sure to give your make and year model of bike, and preference for softness or firmness of foam and seat cover style.( a rider weight will do if you are not sure, we will consult with you about firmness)
Either pm me or respond here to be added to the lists! But PM me with payment detail please.

Thanks guys!

PS- Don't hesitate to ask any Questions!

  1. MotoBoss
  2. empedrado
  3. Killa Meter
  4. 57Frontier
Standard Seat Kit Group Buy


Thanks guys! The response was off the charts!
We will be contacting everyone in regards to their order!
Orders will ship in the order recieved. Its gonna be a busy couple of days around here so be patient with us.
We were definetly not expecting this!

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  6. FloridaSteve DR650
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  8. slartidbartfast DR350
  9. GISdood DR650
  10. TDY DR650/ KLX250
  11. wizard WR250R
  12. Dyno DR650
  13. carbster DR650
  14. simmons1 DRZ400
  15. appalachian DR650
  16. buddabuga DR650
  17. GsVs DR350
  18. Trav72 WR250
  19. joenuclear WR250
  20. mbabc WR250
  21. ohiofathead DR650
  22. Dr. Da-da DR650
  23. fattires KLR650
  24. bete KLR650
  25. justscoutin DR650
  26. rjnutt F800GS/WR250
  27. mehigh DR650
  28. nii DR650
  29. RamMan4X4 DR650
  30. jimmex 950SE
  31. Achange TE610
  32. Emperado KTM 690
  33. b3h XR650L
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