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Originally Posted by MaxF View Post
Maybe this has been covered before but I couldn't find a comprehensive thread with a quick search...

My BIG question: How the hell do you guys manage to do multi-week or even multi-month (let alone RTW) trips?

Not talking about the financial aspects here but rather how do you get the time off work/ how does it affect your "career" in any way? Do you take vacation time? Do you take "time off work" and pick up where you left once you return? Do you use time between jobs for travel? Without being indiscreet I'd be interested what you do and how you get the time to do those trips

I'm incredibly envious when I read the ride reports. But for me, getting two consecutive weeks vacation time would be a luxury (and even that would include constant pestering via BB). The only possibility I see is quitting my job and starting over at another firm once I return which would be a step back career-wise. It really sucks, I'm in my late 20s and feel like I have wasted my "best years" as a corporate slave. That can't be right...
No doubt you'll find a little of everything/one here.

Retired twice
Retired couples
Genuine vagabonds
and some who work seasonally adjusted modes

My guess is the guys/girls you need to really talk to won't be found on ADVRider. A minority of the type you seek post anything here because... they're out exploring.

I'm in my late 20s and feel like I have wasted my "best years"...
Standby. You'll likely be ribbed for that one.
I'll start: Pullllleeeeze. You're a pup.

To answer your question: I retired @ 47 so I could enjoy my "best years" in weekly or monthly or whatever increments.
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