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Thanks for the input so far! Interesting to see where everybody's coming from and yeah, I did forget about the retirees when writing the intial post (although bear in mind, where I'm from retiring before your mid 60s is rather unusual and I don't know if I'd be fit enough to ride a bike by then)...

Originally Posted by TwoShots View Post
Standby. You'll likely be ribbed for that one.
I'll start: Pullllleeeeze. You're a pup.
Originally Posted by Lone Rider View Post
Why do you think later years will be less than best? How do you see them degrading?
Point taken didn't mean anything by it.
But I do believe there are certain opportunities you only have once in life (like going on that big road trip right after college/ university... yeah, missed that opportunity). Right now I have no family to take care of, no other big responsibilities and have been putting off a little "adventure" most of my life so now seems to be the perfect time. Except I can't figure out how to combine that with my job.
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