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Originally Posted by frdbronco8 View Post
As I pulle the spark plug cap off the plug it practically fell off the wire when I let go. Not sure if this has something to do with the resistor you speak of.
This may have been the problem, or part of it anyway. If you look in the plug boot where the wire went, you'll see a pointed screw. The wire threads onto this; if it was loose it could cause intermittent spark and bad idle. If it's nasty, you'll want to trim the wire back a bit and re-install by twisting the boot onto the wire. (note how the core sticks out and is bent around the outer sheath) I hope that fixes it; it must have vibrated loose.

The resistor is accessed from the spark plug end of the boot, not the wire end. Look for the flat head slotted screw down in the boot.
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