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Jobs come and go...your adventures will stay with you forever, do some bartending courses..learn enough of a different language to get by in whatever place you are would be surprised how easy it is to get part time work that pays enough to let you stay somewhere and save enough to move on again, especially when you have an outgoing personality and eager worker with a pleasant disposition.....besides, stay a while and get to know the culture and place you are in...stay away from touristy places..everyone goes there and prices are too high, take a bartending course or waitering..especially easy if you are outgoing and friendly, and an accent does wonders for you...if you are relatively handy and not afraid of trying new things you will be surprised how easy work is to find...I left home over 20 years ago on a working holiday and now am about to get back on the travel road at the horrendously old age of 46...not sure what I will do about taking my walking frame with me on the bike...Do yourself a favour and say screw it...sell everything and just get on the won't regret it..
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