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I'm 53 now, semi retired! Not by my choice! I have worked for several fortune 500 companys. A couple of years ago I was forced to resign for doing the right thing, (put someone in bad light) it could have been really bad! It was easy to quite the sqeeky wheel rather than doing the right thing. THAT REALLY WOKE ME UP! I've worked all my life ,NEVER missed more days than you can count on one hand. What did I get for it! YOU ARE JUST A NUMBER AND THAT IS IT! I just started to think of all of the things I wanted/hoped to do. I never did any of them, (had to work, things at home, ect). Things were tight for awhile, then setted down. At 50 I took a small 1 week trip, when I looked up an old friend. She was telling me she got into bicycling, and she had planned a 500 mile trip when she turned 50. Man that got me thinking! What have I done! Within 3 months I was in Deadhorse AK on a 28 day 14k mile trip. I never looked back! I take at least 2 2week+ trips a year now. I camp most of the time. And several shorter in between. I always send my brother/nephew a copy of the photos I take to rub it in more than anything. I know it kills him. When I get to get home I always ask when is he going to go with me. He always says the same thing you do. I only get 2 weeks off. Then I ask him if he is going to wait till he retires and is to old to do it. That leaves him speechless and hangs his head. I know everyone has to work to make a living, but someday you need to look at yourself. I DID! I AM GLAD I WOKE UP!
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