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A RR from 8/2010

Highbinder and I went to the CatHerders Campout II..
This was our first time to this event.. We missed last years...

It was in an area that we where familiar with as we use to live 80 Miles from there..

The campout was at a cool place... It use to be a ski resort way back when..
The old ski lift was still there .

Riders kept rolling in ....

Tents were all over the place.

There where banners...That said it all...

Friday night was BBQ Capri aka Martin....

ScottP was the man in charge with tending to Martin...
And what a fine job he did too...

HBN was there for support.. Showing the love!!

I even saw a future biker...

All kinds of lies where told around the bonfire...

I even spied some male bonding

It was a whole family of hosts but here are some main ones !!

Skippii showed up with a little horse..

Each morning was a meet & Greet

Heck we even had guard dogs

We rode around and visited a few old friends, while we were in the area...

Saturday afternoon brought some bike games...

I was told I couldn't play in the reindeer games...

So they made me The JUDGE !! Yeah baby !!!That's what I'm talking about !!!

Our home for the weekend..

Highbinder waits ... Hey that's a nice ride ya got there dear...

The bonfire was really nice on Sat night.. As it was a bit chilly..

Some just hung out in doors a few hours later

Rosie~FluteSong ~ and yours truly... Hmm we all have the same shape jaw line..

A cool shot of the site...

Sunday morning saying our see ya's..

I washed up ...

Everyone was so sad to see the campout come to an end..

Highbinder bid our ado’s...

Highbinder and I had a great weekend with our Fellow Catherders!!!!
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