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Originally Posted by MZcountryboy View Post
All the welding on this truck is being done with a MIG - Thermal Arc Fabricator 180. I'm finding using .023 wire is giving better results than .030 wire on the sheet metal. In order to not warp the panels, tack them in place at the corners, and you "stitch" the panel in by making short welds, spaced apart, then come back later fill in the holes a little at a time, till finished. Be careful not to weld too much in one spot or you get the heat buildup you don't want. It takes a while but the mig makes it easy.

Drilling holes through the top panels, and plug welding into the bottom layer gives the "spot weld" look you can see in a few places. That is a handy technique.

Hippy dippy days with the poontang panel! I bet you got some stories there!
That's useful advice. The Eastwood web page tech section had similar advice though not as detailed as yours.
The 6 cylinder engine and three on the tree was the most common configuration back in the day so I think you made the right choice. They were great trucks and a common sight when I was a kid. I look forward to following your progress.
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