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Originally Posted by Tinfish View Post
I got curious and did the math a couple of days ago. I can't find the scrap of paper, but the weight/power ratio (for both hp and torque) is almost exactly identical for an early 1990s 22re truck and a 2011 4 cylinder. (And so is the mpg, for that matter.)

But the raw numbers are only part of the answer. I have a 2010 4x4 with the 4 cylinder, and it feels WAY less underpowered than the old 22re I used to own. Maybe the torque curve is broader, or maybe it's just that it is new instead of old and beat to shit.

And the brakes are so much better than the old ones that it isn't even funny.
My wife has an 07 Rav4, I4..... it gets up and goes

I'm not sure of the weight difference but the thing is way more zippy than even our last 01 tundra, w/ v-8

The brakes, well ya they suck

After seeing those #'s I'm wondering

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