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Originally Posted by frdbronco8 View Post
Bought a new plug today and started pulling things apart. The air filter was pretty dirty so I cleaned it (just to eliminate everything i can) and am waiting for it to dry as we speak. As I pulle the spark plug cap off the plug it practically fell off the wire when I let go. Not sure if this has something to do with the resistor you speak of. Ill mess with it when i get back into the garage.

Ill keep ya updated, thanks for the help.

To answer your question my experience with carbs is on the low end. I have had a BST 40 all the way apart but never been deep into a pumper carb.

PS any one have prefence with the DPR9 over the DPR8 spark plug or visa versa?
Hi frdbronco8,

If you are looking for a new spark plug cap, I've had good luck with this one.

Hope this helps!


Gregory Bender
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