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Originally Posted by fletchbee View Post
Hello guys,

Has anyone bought that DR350 Stock Muffler Conversion from Kientech?

If so had it made any differents to power?

what about the combo deal he has going with the stock exhuast mod and jet kit?
Iam thinking of getting the jet kit but might get both?
It's about 100 US dollards plus shipping. [from Australia, might cost as much to ship it there and back though]

Just wondering if it's worth getting the stock pipe converted or getting an after market that is lighter and maybe better?

What are your thoughts?

Is there a good aftermarket can that works with his jetting kit?

Thanks for your time and help

kind regards

Hi Andrew,

My 1993 DR350 dirt model came with a SuperTrapp that was way too loud for my taste. I wanted something a lot quieter. I bought a modded muffler from Jesse and I'm very pleased with it. It isn't silent, but it is much quieter. As for performance, I couldn't tell any difference between it and the SuperTrapp (seat-of-the-pants dyno).

I started off with Jesse's recommended jets, but they were too big for my DR350 where I ride (2250 feet and up, up, up from there). I'm back down a lot closer to stock (37.5 idle, 132.5 main) and it is running great (only other mod I inherited is the air box).

I've never experienced a stock muffler, so I can't provide any comparison data for you there.

Hope this helps!


Gregory Bender
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