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Originally Posted by Tinfish View Post
Here are the numbers, both for regular cabs, 2wd.

2011: 159hp, 180 lb/ft, 3250 lb
1990: 112hp, 142 lb/ft, 2560 lb

Divide them out, and you'll see that they are almost identical. Now, those numbers may not be totally accurate -- this is as reported by Wikipedia, and the way they were calculated in 1990 and now may have changed in important ways. Like I said, the new truck feels a lot more powerful than the old one, and struggles less on uphills or when loaded.

Strikingly, the mpg has dramatically improved. The mpg figures from (in other words, using the new standards for both 1990 and 2011 vehicles, for an apples to apples comparison) shows the 1990 as 18/21, and the 2011 as 21/25. More mpg from a larger, safer, and cleaner vehicle is impressive engineering.
I know that my '08 has quite a bit more zip than the '89 did, and both were/are 4cyl. As for mileage, I have not found the '08 to be significantly better. I'm getting 20mpg on the highway, maybe 21 if I really go easy. Perhaps those mileage figures are for a 4x2 instead of a 4x4.
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