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When I got my first bike, a well-used 2000 Aprilia Pegaso in October, I would jump on it at the slightest opportunity and just go ride wherever. I would try and leave work early and just head in a direction. I would often get lost and have to re-trace my steps to get home. When I stopped to turn around, I would make a note of some landmark so I could look up where I went on Google Maps when I got home. These were all day trips, and often only for a couple of hours because that's what I had in between work and other responsibilities.

I'm getting ready to leave my job and travel for a much longer period because it just made sense to do so at this point. If I hadn't been stuck in a dead-end job, I would have stayed and found some way to do both, but as it happened I will have the chance to travel for a significant period of time, money permitting.

An adventure doesn't have to be a RTW trip or even an overnighter - like someone said previously, start your bike and ride.
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