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I constantly churn on this question. I have been in the same profession (or at least manufacturing trades/tech/engineering at different times), but I've never managed to stay with one employer long enough to break the 3 week vacation time barrier - sometimes by choice, life circumstances or company failing - it's just worked out that way.

In 2003, I decided I had had enough. Wasn't married, no kids, a little savings and I wanted to travel. First time I quit a job in my life, without a new job to walk into. It was great. I figured I had enough skills - from trades to engineering - to land on my feet. I was 43. I spent next year traveling - not just on motorcycle. After that I spent a year working for myself, through a friend, doing some CAD work (architectural). When that dried up, I landed the job I currently have - back to the cube in engineering. It's been 5 years now and I'm ready for my next move.

My take is this; if you have the time and the means, take the time. Especially in your 20's. You have the rest of your life to have a career. You may find that having a "career" is nice, but it's not like that, in and of itself, determines success or happiness. Especially in todays age of turnover, I wouldn't worry too much about not having longevity at any one workplace on my resume.
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