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winter is coming
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Originally Posted by Buffalo Bill View Post
I've spent lots of time over the past few years pretty deep in the country around those parts. My last trip in mid September of last year, while working with a documentary film crew, we holed up for a night in Fort Benton. Great/Grand Hotel they have there. The following week was spent on the river sleeping in a tent and enjoying time in the boats pictured on the FJ40. All good stuff, even the last day which included 26 miles in a Snow Storm..I'd vote for retiring there and then just spend a few short months each year in a warmer climate.
Lynn & I had a great dinner at the Grand Hotel in Fort Benton just a few months prior to her death.

I've thought about the idea of retiring to Lewistown and then doing the snow-bird thing every winter for a few months. It's really great there from about April through November, although the wind blows a bit more than I prefer. Great hunting. One of the guys I used to ride with moved there a couple of years ago and loves it. Something to think about.
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