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I took my first long road trip when I was 26. I was 58 when I took my next one. Don't wait that long. Others have said any bike ride/trip is an adventure no matter the length. They are so right! I work four ten hour days and get three days off every week. A weeks vacation gets me ten full days off. It's amazing just how many places you can visit in ten days.

I do most of my own maintenance on the bike and camp most of the time I travel to keep costs under control.

Even a day trip can be a great adventure. No big trips for me last year but I took some really great weekend, overnighters, and daytrips. It was Great!

When I was 26 I kept the costs down by purchasing a Honda 750 that was about to be repo'd. I gave the owner some cash and paid the note off on a bike that he never really rode. I put 41,000 miles on that bike and sold it for a couple hundred less than I paid for it.

When I was 57 I shopped for a month or so then one day at the shop I found the bike I have now(or it found me). 20 minutes later I bought it. I have put 81,000 miles on that one and I am a much better person because of it. Just waiting for spring and my first adventure of the year!

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