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Just my 2 cents.....I'm 57, make six figures, and wondering about the same question you are.....If you asked my advise.....

You are in the beginning of your real earning years. Earn and save. Accept the fact that two or three one-week trips a year will simply be where you are in life at your age. Save all the money you can so you can retire early (if you're lucky). And, as you get older and move up the ladder in your proffession you'll get more and more weeks of vacation per year. By the time your fourty you should be able to take two weeks off a couple times a year. Better yet, do all this by starting your own business. Be your own boss, but be prepared to work hard to build up a successful business.

The reason I make this case is: you do not want to get old (70+) and end up with nothing. You do not want to end up in a nursing home living on just social security (if that will even exists by your time). So, have some fun but be prudent and save your money, hit the gym several times a week and eat right to stay in good physical condition.

Your time will come....

Your only alternative is to take 6 months to a year off right now and get some of this out of your system so you can go back to work on building that sucessful career. Thats what I did when I was 23.
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