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Originally Posted by MZcountryboy View Post
I was actually thinking that stuff for the floor area in the cab, protection, grip, sound deadening, all in one tough package!

Never thought about it for the inside of the cargo area.


You can get it in gallon cans,and it rolls on.You do the corners and hard to reach spots with a brush,then roll the rest.If you want it thicker let it dry between coats,the thicker it is the better the sound deading.
When i used to customize vans for a living,we'd do the whole inside of pannel vans for guys that wanted to use every inch of space,but still wanted some insulation.
Last time i looked,,,it was about $40 a gallon.Well worth it in my opinon.You can kill two birds with one stone.

Oh and its great for cover'n up the wrinkles that paint can't.
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