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Originally Posted by bumblebee1 View Post
I'm 48 and planing my first month long trip this summer. I understand where you're coming from. There are things to accumulate in your 20's and 30's that don't seem important later on.

I remember going fishing with my son and father. The boy was under 16 and fished for free. My father was over 65, on a pension and fished for free. The "working taxpayer" had to pay for his license. That about says it all.

It takes years to gain enough equity to do these things. You can do them now, but when you're done, it's back to square one with your finances.
Of course maybe it's better to do these things now, especially if your single, it's a lot harder when you've a family that needs you and not just for the money you bring home It's bad enough when I ride out of the yard for a day trip and look at my dogs sad faces
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