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Originally Posted by ddavidv View Post
Did you learn nothing from all those years donking around with rusty Fiats?
Oh yeah, you learned how to fix hopelessly rusted piles of shit.
I like where this is heading...especially giving a big to all the over-restoring, V8 swapping "has to be done THIS way" crowd. I wish I'd had that good sense years ago (like when I was a teen, and thought everything needed to be factory stock and perfect).
Phelps is still Da Man. Keep the photos comin'.
Oh yeah, about the paint...please don't do yet another "rat rod" in black primer with red wheels. I'm so sick of those I could puke. Get a couple quarts of Rustoleum or Interlux boat paint and roller that bitch. The purists will hate that even more.

Oh yeah!

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