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I'm 52.....was as strong as a bull all my younger life up to about 10 years ago. I was rear ended and suffered 3 herniated discs in my neck that needed repairing. THAT finished my physical life enjoyments in one millisecond! I have a plate in my neck 4 wood screws and 2 more surgeries when they figure I've suffered long enough. Bastards! I haven't worked a steady job un-medicated for longer than a year for that 10 year span. So what I am saying can never count on getting to that golden time with all your health to allow you to do what you have wanted, planed for all your life. I couldn't....until I found adventure touring on my cheap ass is the only thing I can do now that doesn't hurt enough to force me to stop that too! I take anywhere from 2 weeks to a month at a time riding to far off destinations before I'm totally done. Yes .....I have a family that is very supportive of me....I earn enough to pay my own way by slowly fixing bikes to pay for the trips and not take from the household funds.
We were working very well to be able to do what we wanted before this accident hit me....but now.....we have to deal with one salary and cut way down on expenses compared to before.
IMHO....If you are dying to travel and can afford to do so it. As long as you have some skills to find work when you return or while on a trip. You haven't the family responsibilities to worry about or to keep you home. It is a huge jump to go from a steady pay check to nothing but what you have in your wallet......think about it...can you deal with that? It's stressful almost as much as having to bring in that money every week.

I'm lucky too, I have travelled all my life to Europe, USA and around Canada with my family and also on my own starting at the age of 10.....flying to England for the summer on my own.

I will travel as much as I can until I can't physically cope with the pain any more. Then it will be time for a soft chair and the TV or PC for my golden years remembering what I have seen and places I've been to.

Which is better? To do it all now...or to wait and do it in your golden years?????

You tell me?

I just hope if you choose the golden years, you make it....not like me!
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