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I can relate to this thing that you say about everyone westernizing......not that I'm interested in seeing nakid natives but every time you see a documentary on something now a days they are all wearing what appear to be our hand me downs. Now unless they are given clothes for the shoot and then returned to their way of life to preserve our delicate few who get offended at a nakid native with a bone through their nose .....I don't know. But it seems there are no off the beaten track sort of villages or cultures left any more. Now, I'm not about to ride off to see them but if these far out people, culture wise are wearing western garb and using some technology, what are the places we can reach easily going to look like? Perhaps Disneyland? Where they put on a show for us to see and pay for while they fleece us for cheap trinkets? I was lucky enough to go up to the Arctic when I was young for 10 days, yes still in modern times but many of the locals still used old ways to do and live their lives, many still relied on dog teams to get around and wore their native old style clothing, not store bought crap they seem to wear now. It was a treat to see and experience....something I will never forget. I guess what I'm trying to say is......go soon before everything is westernized and nothing is the way it once above stated, it will soon be no different than driving through the low income areas in the US or any other non third world country.
That is if this is what you seek for an adventure.
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