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This WAS my plan a long time ago.

I was 21 years old. Just started trucking and soon the first wife left me.

I bought a new truck, put anything I wanted to keep in the attic of my parents house (not enough to fill a short bed Chevy) and went to work.

Within ONE year, Dad and I bought a sailboat in a permanant berth on the Colorado river. I bought a newish Jeep. He paid for the boat, I paid the slip rent and helped out the refurbishment. I took flying lessons in my spare time, kept shopping for a bike to take on the road with me. (drove a moving van, so the bike would be inside)

Within two years, the truck would have been paid off and I would work no more than 6 months a year. We would move the boat to Mexico. The ultimate plan was to vagabond till Dad retired and we'd do a circumnavigation. (his lifelong dream)

I fucked up.

I got remarried.

When I said "I do", she said "You DID"

What once involved the same dreams, but now with another partner, turned into a 13 year ordeal of getting rid of a cancerous bitch.

So fast forward to about 8 years ago.

New Plan:

Dad's retired, but Mom's health prevents him from sailing. They spend 6 months a year in camper travelling, so they're good.

I walk away from a professional career, finally got rid of the batshitcrazy woman and I'm looking at truck driving again for two or three years. No rent, no utilities, every paycheck is 3/4 savings. Enough child support saved, bikes paid for, money to travel for a year or two.

I fucked up again.

Married again and bred again. Why? Because life happens.

Now it's mortgage time all over again, child support again, credit cards, broken down appliances, lawn mowing etc...Life.

Now my dreams are down to asking the wife if I can take a week alone to go ride.

The only difference? This wife knows my plans and won't interfere. She has her goals and dreams as well. We plan for both desires.

You don't need to be rich to travel. If you live within your means, you can save easily. Any job can be walked away from except the military or probably the Space Station.

If you can't quit your job because of a car payment, sell the car.

If you can't travel because of your spouse, leave.

If you can't travel because of child support, work harder and save longer.

The question is not HOW you do it, but why DON'T you do it?
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