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This is exactly why, if he can jump the first hurdle, he should do it now! Before he makes the same mistakes we all make and think with the wrong head as usual! Get organized and set off, maybe not around the world, maybe just around the state, country, continent, come up to the Great White North and see it up here, who knows...maybe you will like it and decide to stay...who knows? Just do it before you wet your whistle so to speak and make a deposit you can't walk away from. Family and kids are great and all but no good what so ever if one is wanting to travel and one is wanting to breed or make a homestead all the time. Because if that is the case you will never get enough money, time, or permission to ride for a week, month, year or a few think long and is the time....use it well.
Or forever hold your peace.....isn't that what they say as you tie the knot??? Life over as you know it...done....stick a fork in ya, your done!
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