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ok, so maybe update time.....

hmmm... where we at..

ok, went back to the surgeon for my 6 month checkup a week before christmas...

and the leg looked like this:

apparently thats all good!

so the surgeon has let me out of the boot and doesnt want to see me again (unless it starts playing up)

had a bit of a chat to him and he says they normally leave the rods in... unless i do "dangerous stuff like jump motorbikes etc"... i just giggled at him.. and when he looked at me questioningly, i just said...'you know i did this on a motorbike right?'..

seems he wont even consider taking it out for at least another 12 months (just to be sure its fully heald...)

so yep, thats the good news and a nice xmas present... still doing physio once a week, but the physio is happy with how its all going..even though i still have a limp..

so yep, then went down to my mums place to pick up the rest of my gear..

doesnt look too bad from this side, but the pannier is stuffed...

surprised how well the rjays helmet survived (but yes, its in the bin now)

Whitta managed to find my speedo at the crash site at kept it for me.. i like how its locked in time...

so what next? dunno.. about a week ago i 'found' this old girl down the side of my house and brushed of all the cobwebs... a change of plugs and a charge to the battery saw her splutter back to life...

the chain is as saggy as ummm...well something thats really saggy and she needs a new headlight globe... but other than that she goes fine... though nowhere near as much fun as the F800 , standing on the pegs doesnt feel real good just yet either so i recon dirt etc is still a few months off at least...

so there you have it...all seems to be going well.. (discounting a limp and piss weak right leg)



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