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Originally Posted by Zerk View Post
I had a similar event. wanted highway pegs for 1 1/4 bar. Instead of showing me what they could sell me, they asked what bike it was for, and said they couldn't help me.

Alot dealer need to reap what they have sown.
Same HD dealer, 2 different visits a week apart.

1st visit,
Me: I'm interested in the bar mount analog clock in the display case.
Parts Guy: whats it for?
Me: A Ural.
Parts Guy: Can't help You.

2nd visit, different parts guy.
Me: I need a tube.
Parts Guy" Whats it for?
Me: A Ural.
Parts Guy: What size You need?
Me: 400X19
Parts Guy: We don't carry that size, but can get it for You tomorrow.
Me: I'm leaving for Oregon tomorrow, want it for a spare.
Parts Guy: We have 3.50X19 in stock, It would be fine for a spare, take the 3.50X19 and if You don't use it I will exchange it for a 4.00X19 when You get back.

The only problem is some of the employees cant seperate lifestyle fantasy from business reality. Got My first 2 bikes from this dealer, now? I'm not willing to play customer service roulette.
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