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Originally Posted by NJ-Brett View Post
The problem with their bikes for me is they seem to build everything for midgets.
I have a 2009 1200 sportster, my 3rd Harley out of many bikes.
The motor is fine, good torque, fuel injection, its been reliable, looks very good to me, that is why I bought it.
I got it for less then the Moto Guzzi V7 classic is going to cost me, and thats only 750cc's.

My bike came with stupid bad ground clearance issues, to fit the dwarf's I guess, nasty crappy shocks and forks, and a worthless seat.
Its also about 75 pounds overweight.
The nasty seat locks you into position, and the pegs are too far forward and high, stock the handlebars had me leaning backwards.
The ride home from the dealers was funny, first I thought 'wow loads of low end power!'.
After that it was crash, bang grind grind grind bang, BANG.
The forks bang and crash if you hit a pebble in the road, the shocks the same, and going around a corner at car speeds will get sparks from the dragging hard parts and put you into a ditch, as you can only go as fast as a bus or overloaded big truck.
This is the 'sportster'!

Now I had an 883 sportster back in 1986, and it was nothing like this, it was similar to the 1979 Triumph Bonneville I traded in, it could lean and was not uncomfortable.
It did vibrate, and only had 4 speeds, but it was fun.
It felt light and nimble and cut through heavy traffic like a hot knife through butter.

They do not make any bike like that anymore except maybe the xr.

Its all about how the bike LOOKS, and how the little people who ride them look while riding.
Its not about riding at all.
Looks great, sounds great, runs great, its good for about 20 minutes then you want to get off, and it always feels odd.
I suspect they do it this way to get people to upgrade to a huge boat of a bike that seats 4. And yes, you CAN get it with reverse.
After all, it would not cost them anything to mount the pegs in the proper place...

Its working very well for them, as their dealerships are huge wonderful places, new, loaded with everything and customers.
The other brand dealers that are still in business look like they might not be much longer, and 3 have closed down in the last year.

Is the Sportster really that uncomfortable and bad handling? I am buying a Sportster 1200 this year, and want to know.

I know they aren't touring bike stock, so I plan on lots of upgrades, including a seat, highway pegs, bags, truck/other storage, windscreen, etc to make it a reasonable bike to tour on.

As for handling, I DO NOT expect good handling, just like any other Harley, just a "little" bit better. I don't care much as I plan on using it as a highway bike, but like the idea of it being a little bit more numble than your average Ultra Classic.

And yes, I KNOW for a FACT that Harley is not even anywhere CLOSE to going out of business, and NEVER will. But I was basically having a good laugh at the Dark custom idea and wandering if they will come up with anything better.

BTW, I guess the 1125 DOES basically have a souped up V-Rod motor. It was a damn cool bike, to bad they dropped them.
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