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Good advise there.

The fuel range with a peanut tank SUCKS, you are around 90 miles total at full tilt, which can be an issue when you are way out west and the fuel spaced 60mile apart.....

Never saw a sportster get that 48MPG they advertise either.....38...maybe....
I have a '98 R/K with an S&S carb and standard exhaust (read ,quite)
and I get a steady 38-40mpg. The bike came with 29k on it and loud pipes (30-32mpg). As I tour in-town and out of town, it's still one of my favorite bikes. I now have over 50k on it and it 's never let me down. Heck, I've never adjusted the belt or the primary chain! Understand I still have 5 riceburners in the stable (not that there's anything wrong with that) and I enjoy them all . One more thing, my friend has a '09 Ultra and gets 50+ mpg, I've seen it !!!! Best thing in a free country, we can ride and own whatever we want, God Bless America !!
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