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Originally Posted by assquatch20 View Post
Best selling vehicle, from what I've read. Over 60,000,000 units since 1958 I think.

Yep, 60 million! The Super cub sold so damn well back then, what an awesome little bike!

But these days, people are in such a rush and all, few would buy them today. Do to increased traffic speed, and you all know why, we need bikes 600 cc+ to ride around here in America comfortably. Most of us could very well get buy with a 400, but we want that extra displacement, so that we can ride on the interstate at 80 MPH up a hill and into the wind with a passenger, which is where smaller bikes fall very short. Back when the limit was 55 MPH and everyone would drive 65-70 MPH, we could easily get away with a 250 cc motorcycle, and with cars going a little slower in town we could easily get by with a 100 or even a 50! But not anymore.

I even personally wouldn't ride anything around my town under 125 cc. Seriously, on the main road right outside of my neighborhood, average traffic speed is 50 MPH while the limit is 40 MPH. And its not uncommon to have commuters in a rush late for work hitting 60 MPH, so you can see why that wouldn't sell any longer, although in many other countries Honda seems to be having great success with a 125 cc Fuel Injected 4 speed version. But to tell you the truth, my old 86 Elite 150 does just fine around town, and is great even on a 55 MPH two lane highway. I wouldn't ride interstate much, but anywhere else it runs great.

Back to the point, yes you guys are right. I can see that Harley isn't going to have a problem. YES, maybe young guys around 20 won't typically be buying Harleys, BUT we will NEVER run out of old people, its not like when the baby boomers are gone were out of old people. So there will always be older people willing to tour on an Ultra Classic. And of corse some young who want to enjoy the feel and lifestyle of Harleys.

It isn't at all a problem, BUT I was just wandering who thought that Dark Custom bikes are gonna attract the young in the Harley line?
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