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My Dad drove Oldsmobiles!!!!

Originally Posted by Kamloopsrider View Post
I think the point is that Harley will never compete with Honda and others in Asia and they would be foolish to try. Their business model is to be the biggest in North America.
The steps they took to preserve the brand was to kick the shit out of the unions and hold the cities they operate in hostage. Tax breaks and lower wages, lowering the cost of production. A time honoured tactic of the corporate culture. Fewer units sold but higher margins per unit.
As for the boomers dying out, you are right, but we had kids and those kids saw the old man and his buddies riding Harleys. So when they get old they will probably ride Harleys too.
We aren't running out of old people we're keeping them around longer.
So stay off my damn lawn.
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