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All bikes are dirt bikes
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Me again.

I've been giving this a lot of thought.
The most attractive aspect of riding away for a long trip is the unexpected.
I always think that it will come around the next corner or in the next town, but it can't be predicted.
The most memorable experiences are the ones that have caught me totally off-gard and lived to talk about.
Ripping around a remote dirt road and almost plowing into a that I remember.
Ya know, rocks and trees all look alike after a few hundred miles.
I have also seen a ton of pictures,videos and articles from all around the world, and it sort of takes the magic away.There's not much virgin scenery left.
If you can imagine the first white men to walk in the woods and come upon the roaring Niagara falls, now that would have been a sight to behold.
I guess I'm just pondering as to the "Why" we want to travel (slow day at work).
And what are you planning to do with your one and only life?
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