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Originally Posted by MarkGS View Post
I quit my job in October of 2008 (was 31 at the time) and went backpacking for a year. Best year of my life.

Came back, got rehired at the old job. I don't like it. Currently it is funding one year of massage school and my next trip which will be a one year motorcycle ride down to Argentina and back. Maybe longer...

It is tenuous and risky in that the more I do this, especially at this age, the less easy it becomes to live an everyday life. But as I learned while backpacking I'm not happy unless I'm doing interesting things and taking risks on a regular basis. Once I experienced being "for real happy" there was no putting the genie back in the bottle.
This is REAL similar to my experience (posted above) when I took that "1st" year off to travel at 43.

I was dreading the "cube" life again, so started working for myself - then I had to go out and get a "real" job. I don't like it. I've never looked at the "career" the same since. I'm pondering another break right now, but the whole age/will have to find another job/retirement thing is hard to figure out. I know I can't retire now, but should I take a year or two off now, put the house up for rent, and roll the dice on another job to take me into retirement OR just put my head down, gut it out for another 5-7 years and then "semi-retire" into a life of travel/secondary jobs, until retirement $$ kickes in...Ahhhh, these are tough questions..
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