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Big stretches of free time with the dollars to go ride and enjoy those long trips require some good decision making. The quality of your life is based on the choices you make. Falling into the "consumer lifestyle" will set you up for a life of work, and payments and less freedom. We all need to work to pay for the things we need to live.We work to live, and soon find we cant live, because we are working....Time is money they say, so is the guy with a lot of time actually richer?
This is a great thread. I say go ride now.....You may find out later that you will never be 22 years old again. You only get 1 life, so enjoy it, because you do not get a "redo" Your "career advancement" will suffer, but is that more important than life itself ? We are not our jobs, working should be something you do, to earn the money you need to go do what you actually want to do....don't let your job be the definition of you.
Ride. Doors will open later on.I realize its scary to let loose of the grip of a decent job during these recession times though, but no glory is found on the safe and sure pathway......
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