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Great posts in this thread... interesting to hear how everybody's opinion on long term adventure trips and coping strategies with regard to the job-finances-family-challenges.

Just some comments...

Originally Posted by Witold View Post
In my experience:

80% retired/semiretired
10% techies who can move in and out of contracts and jobs easily
10% blue collars who can also move in and out of jobs easier, particularly if they work for themselves
3% margin of error is reserved for standard office jobs that save up their vacation and "work something out"
From what I read on the forums I'd agree with those numbers. And also the rest of your post is spot on. Not to say that there is an "age limit" for adventure biking but I think a good case can be made for traveling early (if it is manageable financially!).
I envy the techies and self-employed folks who have some flexibility. The fly&ride idea is pretty neat though, will look into that!

Originally Posted by PowerSmoke View Post
I'm in my late 20's and one thing I am quickly learning is the more I bounce around job wise, the higher the pay tends to be...go figure. This is usually due to the fact that contract/consulting jobs tend to be fairly short, but I have no issue only working 5 months to get equal pay to someone working a "full-time" job.
Well that sounds ideal! What kinda contract/consulting jobs do you do?

To give a little background: I'm work in biglaw which means little free time (usually working weekends as well), long vacations are frowned upon and "taking time off to travel around" is pretty much unheard of. I will likely perform a lateral change in the field this year or next year though so I may be able to squeeze some time out of it to do a trip that will satisfy me for some time... then it is only a question of explaining that time off to the new employer or covering it up.

Originally Posted by bumblebee1 View Post
I guess I'm just pondering as to the "Why" we want to travel (slow day at work).
Interesting question... for me it is the element of traveling in a unique way which allow for an experience of the different countries and cultures the average tourist doesn't get. Then, if you take sufficient time off, you are under no pressure or constantly worry about deadlines.
Maybe in the end it IS one of the few ways to still have an actual "adventure". There are lots of ways to get the odd "thrill" (racing, skydiving, jaywalking, etc.) but taking a bike trip through Russia or Mongolia is what I would consider a proper adventure. Make sense?
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