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The high fenders must be misleading. The forks are very close to the stock length. The tubes are from a '79 Honda CB750F and the sliders are '74 CB450. I forget the exact measurements, but I believe this setup is within 1/2" of the stock XS650 length.
The rear shocks are Progressive 13" units with adjustable preload and damping. They work very nicely. I was thinking about using some longer shocks, but I didn't like the increased chain slack necessary with the more severe swingarm angle.
I laced the front wheel up myself and I wish that I would have gone with a 21". I've had some bad crashes off road that I am convinced wouldn't have happened with a 21.
On the subject of center stands vs. side stands, I removed my side stand since getting rid of the big mounting lug gained 1.5" more ground clearance. I never bothered to fabricate up another side stand and just rely on the center stand. It works great around town, but becomes a BIG problem off road with a heavily loaded bike.
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