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Originally Posted by MZcountryboy View Post
Same deal as a Tundra - pull the intake plenum. BTDT. I'd rather lean over a car fender pulling intake manifolds than having to climb up + over the Tundra front end, but that's me. The lower the fender, the less my back hurts.

Why does toyota think this is good design? Their starters aren't going to go bad? WTF.

Changing a steering rack in an Audi A4 is easier than swapping some Toyota starters. That just should not be.
Maybe it was the 430 I was thinking of... Disconnect driveshaft, exhaust, drop the engine and tranny a bit, use a really REALLY long (im talking aobut 60") ratchet extension to get to the starter bolts. It's been years so I forget the exact details.

But i could replace a 3.0 liter V6 in my sleep. And take apart the whole dashboard of an RX330. In my sleep.
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