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Well that sounds ideal! What kinda contract/consulting jobs do you do?

To give a little background: I'm work in biglaw which means little free time (usually working weekends as well), long vacations are frowned upon and "taking time off to travel around" is pretty much unheard of. I will likely perform a lateral change in the field this year or next year though so I may be able to squeeze some time out of it to do a trip that will satisfy me for some time... then it is only a question of explaining that time off to the new employer or covering it up.
Environmental/Electrical qualification of airplane components is what I do usually. Currently helping with the certification of the exterior lights on the soon to be released Boeing 787. When I am working, I usually work 7 days a week, and 15 hr days aren't uncommon. I've been living in hotels, and more recently a shitty apartment, on Long Island for the last 6 months (I'm from and still "live" in FL). Christmas was the only time I managed to get a trip back home in and that was against the wishes of the higher ups, but I didn't care. Honestly this gets old quick and can be very stressful, people are constantly burning out and leaving (or becoming alcoholics ). But there are some positives, I know when I am done I can take months off with no worries, and there is no better way to do networking in an industry than doing something like this. Good networking=a job just about anytime you want it.

Unless you plan to take more than a year off, a simple trick is to note employment history by year, don't add months/days on your resume. Then there should be no question about employment holes. Most employers won't ask a prior employer the day you quit or were laid off anyway. They usually just ask if you were ever employed there. If you only worked January of 2011 you still worked in 2011 in my book...

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I apologize if my remarks came off as personal or cruel, they were not intended as such. I can imagine that you, your Dad, and myself are just making the best of our respective situations. Nothing personal indended.
No harm rufusswan, I didn't take it as either. I was joint pointing out his situation and "why" he hadn't retired.
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