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so I got mine a couple of days ago, given the fact that it had to travel 3,000 miles it came in pretty fast thanks Charlie!!!
(sorry about the crappy pics)

here's the kit/ set of instructions and a sidestand reinforcing plate complete with bolts included note the thickness of material
The weight is really not that bad

some comparison pictures to the existing one, note the additional protection surface that the new one provides

stock plate open for service

Charlie's plate doesn't open as much

not a big deal as I remove the plate completely for service, but I might end up notching the back a bit so it can open all the way

lots of protection on the clutch side

same on the sidestand side, completely covers the weak spots

the whole install took less than 10 minutes just have to transfer the existing rubber bushings from the stock plate to the new one and you're good to go.

here's one of the front, I never thought that I can be sexually attracted to a weld but I had more than one dirty thought for these ones....

Overall very satisfied with the product, very robust, easy install, great value and service.

Thanks again for doing this Charlie if you're ever up this way first four rounds of drinks are on me

DRCOOL rides with me
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