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Originally Posted by Viser View Post
I really like what you have going on with your bike, do you have any pics of the other side to share with us? I've been wanting to do a 2-1 exhaust but see guys saying they can't tune it right...

It's an older picture, but it's a clear shot of the exhaust. The original "exhaust" basically crumbled away when I rode it home from a friend's grandfather's barn.....I picked up the 2-1 setup used for's from MikesXS.

Runs like a charm but getting the mix right is tricky, took about a week of checking my plugs every 20 miles before I got it right. Tuning it with a $5 homemade manometer was very helpful.

My buddy makes excellent exhausts for the xs650, he's on this site I believe, but is very active on

That's a link to his site.
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