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Originally Posted by Anorak View Post
Let me say that changing the starter motor in a 1999 Tacoma 4X4 automatic is quite fun and enjoyable especially dropping the steering rack to get the fucking thing out. I debated pulling the axle instead but it looked less fun.
None of that is neccesary, pull r/f wheel, remove access plate, remove 2 bolts holding dip stick tube, unbolt brake line bracket dont disconnect. Turn the starter motor sideways & remove from access hole. I can do it in less than 1 hour. On the 3.4L Tacoma Tbelt, there is a special tool for compressing belt tensioner & inserting a grenade pin. No need to remove a/c compressor. The whole job w w/ pump, new seals takes about 2 hours tops. GRAAAAAVY. The 3.4L also had a head gasket recall, not for leaking internally though. They leaked coolant externally. Recall # X01. 88 -95 3.0L has been issued again, Recall # V06. We are replacing frames on Tacomas & Tundras everday. Recall # 90D. You can blame Dana for that one. Yes, all fuel injected trucks from 1984 & up have an E.C.U. All 4cyl. motors have always been chain motors, earliest had a double row chain, later ones 86 i beleive went to single row bicycle chain. Thats when the chain problems started. If you catch it soon enough you could just replace the tensioner w updated one. I personally have 91 4cyl 2wd deluxe, still hauls ass. 92 4Runner V6 4wd which I got paid to replace the short block in under warranty. Also have 07 Tundra V6 2wd, loaded w the works. Gets better fuel economy than either of my old ones. The new ones ride so much better , & have so much creature comfort. I wouldnt trade for anything less.
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