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GA, Fairly pissed off with you to be honest. sitting here since october 3rd. with a leg held together with what looks like meccano and screws and i was getting right into your ride, even felt the tail out at times and then your mate dropping it in the mud, felt the pain and then bugger me your off and it's over (really felt the pain then). i realised then you had been sitting at home recuperating while i thought you were still living my dream !
As for the write off situation of the bike i have bought 5 BMW gs cosmetic writeoff's and it always amazed me how so many had such little damage but then again i paid over $600 for a 1200gs h/light .
My leg is in about 6 bits, got crushed sliding back onto the road,6 inch lip of bitumen, the pillion peg hanger is now at right angles and the welds have been nearly torn out, my leg was in a similar spot with similar damage. As for the kangaroo, i ended up in hospital for 9 days, 5 years ago when i was hit by skippy while riding a mountain bike.Broke 4 ribs,punctured a lung and caused sundry other damage. skippy was 0k . So i can relate. all the best mate, norry.
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