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Originally Posted by Bigger Al View Post
That doesn't sound too pleasurable at all.

I spent my fair share of time at B-29, mostly doing lightning strike repairs on nights. That was a long push with a roll-around box. I was a mech. for United in the mid-80's at SFO.

I had to get back to Dock 4 one morning in a rainstorm that had me thinking about animals 2-by-2 and arks and things, and there was 6" of standing water on the ramp as the drains couldn't handle the flow. I'd covered the box with plastic sheet, but it still managed to get a couple of gallons into the drawers.

Back on topic:

My newly-rebuilt 22RE has about 700 miles on it now and is purring like a big ol' kitten!
Actually, it was a lot of fun. If you're working with the right people, there aren't too many jobs that suck. Changing all the seat cushions on a 707 wasn't fun. It was disgusting. Did you know Kevin Sloan or Vitou Mam? Both airframe inspectors.
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